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Was gefällt Dir an Papier?

„I like the noise made by the paper when you work on it… the noise when you move it, or when you trace on it. It is very sensual, and so is the touch feel. Also I like the immediateness about the work: I trace, and this is it: no more time spent, the artwork is done, finished. Many times it doesn’t work, it is not good, but some time it is there. I use the paper because it captures the immediate instant, and this is magical. With most other mediums you can erase/modify/redo. Here, the paper (with ink) the mistake is tough: you cannot come back on it. a little mark too much will kill the drawing. You have to be in a very good mood/relaxed because the paper is really tough on the artist. If you’re not, the paper is stronger than you, and do not let you do what you want…“


 Wer ist Dein(e) LieblingskünstlerIn und warum?

„I have many favorite artists… depending on their technic and medium used, and time. If I have to think about it right now, I’d say Francis BACON, for his vision, Lucian FREUD for his technic, and Radiohead for their inspirational music.“


Was inspiriert dich?

„Very simply I can say that for this body of works on paper, I let the bodies of my models to inspire me. They are pure beauty, and I mix it with a bit of imagination and my hand-eye coordination -probably with some sort of automatic drawing too, and this produces the work you see.“



Herkunft/ Wohnort: Frankreich/ St. Barth

Beruf: Künstler und Designer

Ausbildung: Interior Architecture BA (Hons), University of Wales Institute, Cardiff

Ausstellungen (Auswahl):

„Beautée Cachée“, Gruppenausstellung, Coco Edenson Gallery, St Barthélemy FWI, 2017

„An Introduction to Photography“, Gruppenausstellung, SPACE gallery, St Barthélemy FWI, 2017

„St Barthélemy“, Gruppenausstellung, PopUp Gallery, St Barthélemy FWI, 2017

Preisspanne: z.B. Zeichnung auf Papier, 30 x 40 cm, 300 €

Kontakt: www.jeromerapin.com



Credits: (1-3) O.T., Tinte und Wasserfarbe auf Papier